Interactive 3D Graphics & Usablity

First Workshop in Berlin

Join Us / Saturday Oct 4th

almost 2 years ago
Impressive ceiling structure

Kinect installation for Microsoft at CeBIT 2014

Another interactive project made with Tooll

over 2 years ago

Tom presenting Tooll at RESPAWN Conference / Cologne

August 20th, 14:00 Cologne

almost 3 years ago

Back from SIGGRAPH 2013

We had an awesome time at SIGGRAPH 2013

almost 3 years ago

Presenting at SigGraph 2013

Still has been nominated for Dailies and Realtime-Live Catagories

about 3 years ago

Light Animation at Schönhauser Tor

For our friends at neo-systems we used T2 to quickly make some animations for backlit architecture in the center of Berlin.

over 3 years ago

Talk: Demoszene – Entwicklung und Gestaltung von Echtzeit-Animationen

On Monday October, 22nd, Thomas will give a talk at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin.

almost 4 years ago

Art & Technology Behind Demoscene Realtime Graphics — 15. Sep @ C-Base

Save the date. This is probably this year's only real demoscene event in Berlin.

almost 4 years ago

Visuals for the 10th annual Awards

Using realtime graphics to generate interactive stage visuals.

almost 4 years ago

Say hello to Framefield

Obviously there is is some work to do in terms for C.I.

about 4 years ago

Yay! We're online.

After we successfully avoided last weekend's sun, our new web-site is up and running.

about 4 years ago